The End :Day 31

Today is the end of slice of life but every day will be awesome so today I want to share about that today was very fun because we have a crazy cloth day and my cloth was put some pants and the the underwear in top of the pants also I put the jacket upside down and when I came to the school I saw the most of the kids in crazy mode.

Helluuuu:Day 14

Today I am doing the day 14 of slice of life because I didn’t did it so I will do it so I want to share that martin villegas but al my class mates call him mini because he is very short, so have a a familiar that knows a lot to use piano so he teach me and I know 2 songs.

Hello Future Soccer Playersssssssss:Day 28

Today I am with some soccer things yesterday I was playing a soccer game and we heaved something called in Spanish gadejo that is like a silly sickness when you want to bother every one and make jokes about them so we played soccer with that and so we where laughing a lot and we where not constrained in the ball and the goal it was so fun we also kicked others and it was no fault

Helluuuuu :Day 27

Today I want to share about a sad topic because if you already know here in Medellin there is a problem is that we have so many contamination so I really like nature and that a sad topic to me so I will say please please try to make the world a better place, make a difference please this world is beautiful and haves beautiful place and animals so please make the world a better place.

Hello Future Soccer Players: Day 24

Toady I am sharing about SOCCER!!!!!! today we played so cool but I really think my team needed to passed the ball more but in the first recess I almost made a super goal of a skill called rabona kick and I almost made that goal but it hit in the crossbar then in the second recess it was cooler because I though  it will pass the goal but they passed me the ball and I hit with all the strength I heaved and made a goal of gunshot——